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We are dedicated to providing athletes with the best prevention programs, testings protocols, and rehabilitation services to enhance athlete Performance

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Science Backed, Data driven ​

  • Customized programming for athletes, teams, & clubs 

  • Injury Prevention programs 

  • education for athletes & coaches on importance of strength training

  • optimized sports specific return to play protocols/testing

At change the game We are building a more resilient community of athletes.

Ask an athletic trainer a Question 

If you’re not quite ready to book an appointment yet, you might have some questions that you would like answered first. We would be happy to chat with you so we can be 100% sure that we can help you. Just click the button below to request to speak to us on the phone!

Ask about cost and availability

We understand that some people want to find out a little more about the availability & cost before booking an appointment. If you want to learn more about our availability and cost, then click the button below and complete the simple form.

Recovery & Prevention

Recovery, injury prevention, and body maintenance is widely under appreciated part of training. We address this through mobility drills, sport specific drills, remote and in house maintenance protocols. We also specialize in working with  athletes to rehab acute and chronic injuries you may sustain to get you back to training and perform at your highest level. 

Change the game Athletic Training Assessment

Sport specific assessment for athletes to take your training and performance to the next level. Improve your training with a maintenance, rehabilitation or strength plan based on your assessment.

ACL Injury Prevention Programs

Sport specific prevention programs for athletes and active adults to minimize risk of injury. With science backed, data driven systems, we've been able to create customized programs for athletes to optimize performance and increase motor control. 

individual/team baseline testing

We use advanced technology and best practice protocols to test and analyze athletes at their baseline. Testing will be performed regularly to ensure athletes are performing at their highest level.

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