"How We Plan to Change The Game in Rehab"

Two years ago I set out on a journey to change the view of our profession.  Over the course of my nine year career I've seen an epidemic problem in rehab.  There is a lack of knowledge in how to return an athlete to training.

Essentially rehab and training have become two separate entities with no communication between clinicians and coaches.  The importance of bridging the gap between rehab and athletic performance can't be understated.  In order to reduce injury risk and keep athletes training at peak performance both clinicians and coaches should understand their role.

Clinicians need to have at least an understanding of what is required in a given sport to transition an athlete safely back to training.  Coaches need to understand when an athlete is dealing with an injury that requires an assessment.

At Change The Game Performance Therapy we have the unique ability to guide our clients through the entire continuum of care, all the way from rehab to a higher level of athletic performance.  For many of our clients the story doesn't end with rehab, it's only just beginning...