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Continuity Program 

Open Enrollment 2023


Ring in the New Year with our 2023 Continuity Program


We want to get you pain free and injury free without taking time off!



We Provide Individualized Care

With our continuity program you are guaranteed 12 sessions a year, coming in once a month. At out monthly sessions we can provide hands on work, manual therapy, test for improvements, and modify your current training, if needed. This is incredibly effective and allows us to reduce injuries instead of waiting for them to occur. Best of all, it's extremely time efficient. All we need is one hour, once a month, to help keep you feeling healthy and active.

Save Time and Money

Open enrollment only occurs once a year. You'll save $420 versus purchasing 12 individual sessions. This doesn't even include all of the other unnecessary medical visits and procedures we can potentially help you avoid.



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Important things to know: 

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Package: $1,500 ($125/Month)

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday (4-pay): $375/Every 3 Month's

  • Month to Month: $160/Month

**If paying month to month you must pay the full continuity price, no offer/promo will be applied.**

Continuity visits will not roll into the next year, so be sure to use them before the year ends!


As an added bonus for any other sessions needed through out the year, you are given our member's rate of $115 a session!

Ask about our virtual training services should you need more guidance!

Unlimited messaging and support from our team.

**You have until the end of the year to claim your spot so don't wait! Sign-up using the form below and we will be in touch to schedule your first appointment!**

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