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Group Strength training for The endurance athlete

Group Strength For The Endurance Athlete, is a monthly membership designed for you to train in a large group setting (10-15 athletes) with our coaches to achieve higher levels of performance in endurance sports. Our 2x/ week strength protocol is sport specific to runners and triathletes to develop hypertrophy, speed, power, strength, improve your resiliency to injury, and improve your longevity in endurance sports. Assessments and reassessments will be the driving force behind our programming to meet your needs as an athlete.

6:00AM or 7:00AM

5:30 PM

Why should I work with a physical therapist and strength & conditioning coach to improve my endurance?
What are the benefits of strength training?

Strength training needs to be programmed with intent to be of any advantage for a runner or triathlete. Throughout the year a strength coach will develop hypertrophy, strength, and power with functional movements that will drastically improve your times. With a proper baseline assessment we will be able to individualize your strength training to improve biomechanics, and target under developed systems. There are a number of benefits to strength training at least 2 times a week to include; improving bone density, improving running economy, injury reduction, improving speed, improving power output, improving stride length and cadence, and improving recovery time between training sessions.

Overview of Group Strength For The Endurance Athlete

  • CTG Endurance runner and triathlete baseline assessment which includes gait analysis, functional strength assessment, bike analysis, & movement screen, each of which we have standardized for triathletes and runners to objectively measure sport specific demands

  • Initial baseline assessment, and reassessment every 6 months, & sport specific programming through TriStrong and RunStrong monthly membership rates for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months

  • As a CTG member, you will receive 50% off of physical therapy appointments to address any concerns, maintenance or injuries to keep you training. (50% discount for physical therapy only applies during months you are paying for monthly membership)

  • Weekly programming you can log and follow online or through our Change the Game app If you are unable to make an in house session for any reason, you will always have access to the strength workouts through your app and to communicate with your coach.

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