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CTG Elite Athlete Tryouts are open now!- Only 10 Spots available! 

Register now to save 70%-

Free tryouts march 20-25

$149/30-day membership (normally $449)

-you will Develop strength, Speed, Power, and agility 

-Train like an athlete and limit your risk of injury

-Access to advanced technology only available in college and pro athletes...UNtil now!!

-you will receive a Nutrition Evaluation with Simply you nutrition! 

-Free Open gym access (never miss a workout)

-Discount card to healthy James (meal prep company)

Elite Athlete CLass 

"Get back to training with a purpose"

4 Teams-4 athletes
(Captains will be selected each season)

4 training seasons

Tryouts start @ beginning of each season W/ Baseline testing

you Must Meet Minimum Strength Requirement to tryout

"athlete of the month"
(Monthly leader board competition)

End of year combine
(winning team receive vip experience)

 "elite Athlete of the year award"
(end of year award ceremony)

CTG Elite Athlete provides a safe, competitive training environment backed by sound programming and the use of advanced technology to deliver tangible results

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