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Female Endurance Optimization 

As many of you know we have had a graduate student, Marissa Estep, from UNCG hosting webinars monthly to discuss the psychology behind  exercise and rehab. 

Marissa will be joining us in house on Thursday May 19, 2022 from 6:30-7:30PM to discuss how female runners can improve training, nutrition and mindset so you feel better, run better and hit those PRs you are always chasing!

This 1 hour seminar will go in depth on how female runners can get more out of their...

---> training 

---> fuel optimally for their body, lifestyle, goals and what they've previously done

---> What to eat/when to eat

---> What happens when you are over-training and under recovering

---> Hormonal implications

---> Injury and Reinjury

---> Mental Health

Plus, how to use mental skills to help you in your training and nutrition journey. Your perception drives your reality! 

***This seminar is a not free like previous ones, there will be a charge of $20 to sign up***​

The payment link will be sent to you once you fill out the form above

Date: Thursday May 19, 2022

Time: 6:30PM- 7:30PM

Location: 805 N 4th st Wilmington NC, 28401

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