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Group Strength 


Why is training at Change The Game different?

At Change The Game Performance Therapy we believe in providing a systematic approach to training.  Most trainers will provide you a workout program, but this is only a piece of the puzzle. A program without intention won't yield the results you're looking for. Our Systems include goals setting, testing, an specific programming throughout your journey to ensure we are getting you results. 

Our group fitness training starts with an in depth movement assessment with one of our doctors of physical therapy. We will test your squat, hinge, over head press, vertical jump and other tests to assess your readiness to train. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your fitness goals so we can customize your training program. 


This will ensure that we limit your risk of injury with training while delivering the result you set out to achieve. 

CTG Strong

CTG Strong is the perfect strength training group for those who are frustrated with having limited times for workouts, experiencing chronic pain, or for those looking to be fit for life. Use the button below to learn more about CTG Strong.

CTG Elitle Athlete

CTG Elite athlete is class designed for high level athletes looking to improve their training. We have created a program for athletes who are frustrated with over training, feeling injured after workouts, or just looking for something different. This class is perfect for someone ready to make a difference in their training! 

Golf Training Memberships

The training membership is for those looking for golf-specific training designed by a golf physical therapist to improve flexibility, stability and distance for golf. This membership is unique from other fitness facilities because we want to provide each member with a unique experience: accountability to get the results you’re looking for. 

Endurance Group Training

Runners, Triathletes & Cyclists... are you looking to improve your speed, strength, and overall performance? Our endurance strength classes utilize technique drills, sport=specific strength training programs, and athlete assessments to take your training & racing to the next level. 

Ready to start your fitness training program?

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