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In house or virtual run, bike, or swim analysis

Why is movement analysis important for runners, cyclists, swimmers & triathletes?

Having a professional assess your movement analysis can be beneficial to identify biomechanical faults, identify weaknesses, identify the cause of an injury, or to improve your performance. A movement analysis is not solely for elite endurance athletes, every athlete can benefit from a movement analysis to reduce injury risk or to improve your endurance performance.

how will i improve my running after my gait analysis?

We will not simply provide a movement analysis and recommend a different running shoe or insole. We will provide a series of self assessments to follow up the gait analysis to assess other aspects important to your sport such as single leg stance and ankle dorsiflexion. Your videos will be thoroughly assessed and objective measures taken to record improvement. Once we have completed a full assessment with you, we will create a mobility and strength program for you to take an active part in improving your swim, bike, or run performance and technique.

what to expect from us with your movement analysis?

  • Account through our app to upload videos, message directly with coaches and physical therapists, view instructional videos for gait analysis setup, self assessment videos, and to track your strength training program

  • Voice over and/or 15 minute call to discuss results and findings of your gait analysis and from your self assessment videos

  • Individualized 4 week strength/ mobility program, designed by our coaches and physicaltherapists to address your needs and findings from your assessments

  • Direct messaging through our app to keep in contact with coaches throughout your 4 week program​


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