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Our strength training programs are evidence based, periodized programs built specifically to
the needs of the athlete based on weaknesses/ strengths, race type and duration, current
goals, and swim/ bike/ run analysis. Sport specific movements and accessory exercises are
built to reduce your risk of injury, improve speed, and have you training strong and properly
through the off season and during the season to the point you toe off for your next race.

How Our Strength Training & Assessments Work

Initial Consult and Assessment:

  • 1-hour consult via Zoom to assist in developing a strength program to ensure our exercise choices meet your individual needs and is periodized leading up to your race season.

  • During this initial consult we will review injury history, performance goals, and gait analysis (completed prior to the meeting). We will also take you through a brief movement screen.

Home Assessment & Gait Analysis:

  • ​Prior to our 1-hour meeting we will ask you to complete and record a home gait analysis

  • Treadmill gait, bike, or swim analysis will be reviewed by your coach and thoroughly explain any limitations with your run technique, and how we can address those areas through strength training

Monthly Check-in: 

  • ​20-30 minute Zoom call to assess progress and ensure we are on track with your goals. At this time edits to your custom training program can be made to optimize training. If necessary, re-assessments will be done at check-ins.

Comunication with your endurance coach: 

  • Your CTG Endurance coach will have constant communication with your endurance coach to optimize your training program. We have the capability to program your strength training on multiple platforms so all of your training remains in one(Final Surge, Training Peaks, TeamBuildr, and place for ease of use. Direct messaging with your CTG Endurance coach to ask training questions and notify us of any pain or injury.


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