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Become a CTG Team Member 

Just before you rush to apply for the part-time strength coach position take a look at the list below and ask yourself honestly if any of these describe your situation right now:

  • Tired of going through the motions and feeling unchallenged when working with your training clients?

  • Do you wish you had more time to spend with your clients to become fully invested in their fitness and lifestyle journey

  • Do you want more time and mentorship to master your craft?

  • Are you truly passionate about fitness & sports performance and making a difference in people’s lives…and just wish you had the time and freedom to make a difference?

  • Are you looking to take a huge leap with your coaching skills and want to expand your knowledge in sports performance?

  • Are you a motivated coach, but currently working in a gym that does not inspire you?

  • Do you want to work in a fun environment where people appreciate and value your presence?

  • Do you think you might be the perfect fit for the Change the Game team?

  • If you found yourself saying YES to one or more of those questions, we might JUST be the position you’re looking for…

About Change The Game Performance Therapy – Our Story

  • Change the Game was founded in 2018, with a mission to help active adults and athletes in Wilmington and the surrounding area get back to workouts and sports they enjoy without surgery, stopping activities they love, or relying on pain medication. Our vision has always been to bridge the gap between rehab and a return to high level athletic performance.  The collaborative approach within our facility brings clinicians and coaches together, to deliver optimal results to our clients.

  • 100% of our patient population are active individuals who are having some type of pain or discomfort and are motivated to get back to exercising pain free. Once patients are  back to exercising pain free we offer strength & conditioning/personal training to help them remain strong and pain free in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • Change the Game Performance Therapy is an out-of-network healthcare provider that offers physical therapy, sports performance, and personal training services. By being out-of-network we can treat the patient as a whole and provide more optimal care for our clients. That means we work for the patient/client and not the insurance companies. We are committed to treating the cause of pain and not just the symptoms.

  • Life is short… don’t sacrifice your happiness by settling for a job that does not inspire you or encourage and support your growth.

What is so unique about this position? You get to…

  • Work with 100% active adults and athletes who are extremely motivated to continue exercising pain free or return to a higher level of athletic performance

  • Provide group strength & conditioning and 1-on-1 training to a diverse population including endurance athletes, volleyball players, high school athletes, and weekend warriors.

  • Be surrounded by like-minded positive, young, motivated group of professionals who encourage one another to become the best version of themselves

  • Have unlimited earning potential and ability to grow within the company

  • Receive one-on-one mentorship and training every week with one of our physical therapists - advance your skills with athlete screening, program development/design, and advanced training techniques utilizing the latest research & technology.

  • Most importantly... you get to use your talents and passion (you know, the thing that made you want to become a coach to begin with) to make a REAL difference in people's lives.

Who should apply for this job:

  • Someone who is truly passionate about coaching and wants to make a real transformation in people's lives.

  • Someone who is looking to work in an environment that is NOT a traditional gym setting - and that is fun and feels like a family.

  • Someone who wants to learn and be mentored.  You'll learn everything you need to become a world-class coach.

  • Someone who likes the idea of being able to grow and advance within a company. You're getting in on the ground floor of an innovative and rapidly growing company - where your ideas and contributions are welcome and valued.

  • Someone who wants a small clinic/gym feel but operates with big business ideas! 

  • Someone who wants to use a blend of movement screening, injury prevention and performance training to deliver the highest level of results to our clients. 

If the position and our values resonate with you and you want to be part of a growing team offering something unique to our local fitness industry, please send a cover letter and resume.


Performance Programming

  • Program design and implementation for general population, endurance, and sport specific populations utilizing the Change the Game philosophy/methods to facilitate growth of our clients.  Both in a group class setting and one-on-one

  • Ability and knowledge to build virtual programs for remote athletes across a variety of populations.

  • Assist clinical staff in developing and implementing injury prevention programs.

  • Collaborate and communicate with other coaches to ensure continuity of our training plan outside of our facility.

Athlete Screening

  • Collaboration and communication with clinical staff in adjusting or modifying programming based on objective or subjective assessment information that could positively impact athlete progress and performance.

  • Ability to perform technology-based athlete assessment protocols to inform decision making within programming and plan discussions with clinical staff.

  • Ability to identify need for further evaluation and care by clinical staff when pain or injury is present.

Organization & Administration

  • Ensure the standards/expectations for cleaning/safety protocols are up-to-date and enforced at our facility.

  • Complete quarterly baseline movement assessments and progress reports for clients.

Professional Development

  • Advocate for continued learning and education with the S&C, athlete performance space.

  • Meet yearly requirements for professional certifications and continuing education in the areas of strength and conditioning.

  • Self-motivated in community outreach with local teams, clubs, and strategic partners to foster professional relationships and increase client acquisition.

If the position and our values resonate with you and you want to be part of a growing team offering something unique to our local fitness industry, please send a cover letter and resume.

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