At Change The Game Our belief is that physical therapy should be more about providing skilled care through hands-on manual therapy, one-on-one education in exercise prescription & lifestyle modification to help you enjoy doing what you love, free from pain.

Taking a proactive approach To pain and injury is the key to long-term healing.  Complete rest is not a solution, our goal is to keep you participating in your sport or activity throughout the rehab process.  

  • All treatments with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Personalized treatment focused on YOUR goals

  • Private treatment rooms at our two office locations

  • We teach you how to help yourself, avoid re-injury

  • We treat the root cause of your pain, to FIX your issue

  • Avoid "solutions" that only treat your symptoms

  • Avoid treatments that provide short-term results

  • We EMPOWER you through movement

  • Return to the sport or activity you love

  • Start fixing the issue TODAY!

“I injured my shoulder to where I could not do anything overhead. No weightlifting, no volleyball. What I love about Change The Game is that they tell you to keep exercising, doing what you’re doing. Not once did they tell me I couldn’t workout. Rest doesn’t heal, working on your weaknesses does!”
Olympic Weightlifting
“In my years of competing in sports and CrossFit I haven’t been able to find someone who is reliable, but ever since I met Ryan I can honestly say he is the best in the business and I will look to no one else going forward. I injured my back to the point where I couldn’t walk. Ryan was able to identify the problem and fix me up, later that day I was lifting again.”
“I went to Ryan with double Achilles issues. Both hurt so bad I could hardly put on my socks. After two treatments I was 98% pain free. I went into the appointment optimistic, but I never would have believed the results I got from treatment. Thank you Ryan for getting me back to my training quicker than I ever could have imagined.”
“I’ve had issues with my hip for years. There was a constant popping and it made certain movements very uncomfortable. Ryan dry needled my hip and provided a handful of physical therapy exercises to follow. The combination of following the exercises daily and the handful of needling sessions has made the popping disappear. Ryan points you in the right direction and makes tweaks as needed to get you back in action.”