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Tactical Strength & Conditioning 

Fire - Ems- Police - Military - ocean rescue 

We have designed a strength and conditioning program specifically for your unique professional needs. 

Change the Game Performance's tactical strength & conditioning program is designed to help  tactical professionals increase their performance readiness, and longevity of tactical professionals while decreasing the likelihood of fitness-related injuries. 

Whether you're fire, police, military, or a related field, CTG will train you specifically for the challenges encountered in the tactical profession.

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-Muscular Endurance 

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-Muscle strength

Muscular strength & endurance

Muscular endurance is crucial for tactical professionals especially when you're doing repetitive tasks with heavy loads.  Low muscular endurance is a risk factor for injury, so proper strength training can decrease this chance. Some job functions muscular endurance is important for are; patrolling or hiking, climbing various obstacles, and crawling to gain tactical advantage.  The common denominator for tactical professionals to succeed at their jobs is strength. Strength allows you to in crease power, speed, and agility . It helps you succeed in carrying 50+ lbs of equipment, carrying/dragging wounded personnel, and jumping over/ across terrain, obstacles, or vehicles. 


Agility & endurance

Agility helps the body maintain proper alignment and posture during movement. Agility is important to gain to maintain correct body movement. This is the key to successful chases, avoiding obstacles, and sprinting. Endurance is an important factor as well, as it is crucial for long distance running, rucking, and also chasing a suspect. 

Mobility & Power

It is important for tactical professionals to have a good range of mobility. This gives you the opportunity to increase your readiness, keep training balanced and effective, and excel in physical requirements of your job smoothly with out pain. Power training is effective for enhancing performance. It gives you the opportunity to overcome resistance in short periods of time to produce higher velocities against a given load. This give you the ability to function on high unstable surfaces, spring short distances, lift heavy objects, or equipment. 

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