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Patient Testimonials

Matt W.

 As a highly active surfer, athlete, and injury prone white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I put a lot of physical stress on my body. What started with a low-back issue ended up becoming a blessing in disguise because Ryan was able to identify several areas of weakness including postural issues and core stability issues causing several areas to become prone to overuse/strain. After ONE session of dry needling and  exercise based PT I was back in the water. 

Justin G.

My wife and I both worked with Ryan and we both agreed that it was a great experience. I had an ankle issue that was resolved in only a few sessions and from the exercises Ryan gave me for the Physical Therapy I also have a great workout routine that will help to strengthen my lower body for jogging. I would highly recommend Change the Game for any PT needs.

Matt K.

In my years of competing in sports and CrossFit I haven’t been able to find someone who is reliable, but ever since I met Ryan I can honestly say he is the best in the business and I will look to no one else going forward. I injured my back to the point where I couldn’t walk. Ryan was able to identify the problem and fix me up, later that day I was lifting again.

Heidi N.

I injured my shoulder to where I could not do anything overhead. No weightlifting, no volleyball. What I love about Change The Game is that they tell you to keep exercising, doing what you’re doing. Not once did they tell me I couldn’t workout. Rest doesn’t heal, working on your weaknesses does!

Beth A.

I recently ran my second marathon and during training experienced some knee and hip pain. Not only did I run the race pain free but Dr. Ryan gave me several exercises to help strengthen these areas and prevent injuries in the future.

Susanne L.

I had a total knee replacement and completed the standard post-op physical therapy rather easily. During and after PT , I found myself with severe hip and low back pain. I was looking for someone that would really TREAT the issues, and prevent reoccurrence. Ryan used a combination of dry needling, cupping, and strength & flexibility work to make me whole again.

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