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CTG Elite Athlete Virtual Program

Are you feeling frustrated with your current training regimen? Are you constantly finding your self in pain from over training? Are you feeling lost in the gym? Not seeing the results you want? Well, you're in luck! Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have heard your frustrations and developed a high performance virtual strength and conditioning program. You will receive 3 days of strength and conditioning workouts, 24hr messaging to coaches, educating on proper exercise dose and recovery. We have created this program to help you enjoy feeling fit for life and excel in your sport/activity! We want you to enjoy your workouts and not feel overworked or injured. If your interested, use the link below to start your fitness journey today! We want to thank you for trusting us with your health! 

CTG Strong Virtual Program

CTG Strong is a 3x/ week strength & conditioning program developed by physical therapists to improve your strength, balance, power, and endurance for everyday life. We developed this program to not only master the foundational functional movements but to also build your strength capacity to reduce the risk of injury and keep you healthy throughout any stage of life. Our movement prep and warm-ups each day are developed to meet your needs after a movement assessment for baseline testing. 

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